• We’ve waited a long time for this one, enjoy!

    When – Friday, 14th November, 2014 @ 8pm

    Where – Village Hall, Abington

    Tickets – Price £12 pp – call 07966 243587 , enquire at Abington General Store, AJAY’s Corner Shop in Crawford, or Arcadia Music in Biggar, or pay at door if tickets are available on the night.

    Sam Baker is one of the finest of the modern-day veteran Texas troubadours. An evening listening to Sam’s gritty vocals and deep lyrics brings out so many emotions in his audience: sadness, joy, laughter, love, anticipation.   As a young man in his early thirties, he was on a tourist train to Machu Picchu in Peru when leftist terrorists blew it up, killing seven people, including a German family he happened to be sitting along side. His injuries included brain damage, a cut artery, blown-in eardrums, and resulted in a series of complex surgeries during a long and painful recovery.  So bad were the injuries that Sam had to adapt to playing his guitar left handed.Sam Baker

    Sam’s first album, ‘Mercy’ was released in 2004, and was the first in a trilogy of compelling albums with sparse instrumentation and poetic delivery. It was followed by ‘Pretty World’ in 2007 and ‘Cotton’ in 2009.   His fourth and latest album ‘Say Grace’, voted by ‘Rolling Stone Magazine’ as the fifth best country album of 2013, is another excellent example.

    Comparisons have included Townes Van Zandt, Randy Newman and even Lou Reed. But a better comparison might be that of Raymond Carver. Baker’s pen is precise, cunning and original, often weaving humour with human suffering and tender beauty.

    Baker approaches life with a positive attitude – “Life is a gift. I went through a lot of bitterness- a lot of anger. But those things are toxic. Gratitude for what remains is more helpful than resentment for what was lost. Ultimately, I came to understand that these days are wicked short and terribly beautiful. All I’ve got – no matter what I hold in my hands, drive around in, or put in the bank, – all I’ve got is this one breath, and if I’m lucky, I get another.”Sam Baker

    On this tour Sam will be accompanied by Austin’s ‘Queen of Americana’ and ‘Wee Gig’ favourite Carrie Elkin.  Carrie’s powerful backing vocals compliments perfectly Sam’s gravelly vocals, and the trio is completed with the fantastic Chip Nolan on keyboard.  This is one gig you must not miss, we may never again be graced with three such talented musicians.

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