• Date:03/02/2018
    Ticket Prices:£12
    Ticket Available:Limited
    Ages:Any Age

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    • Are you ready for a unique and talented take on a wide range of musical traditions? Claude Bourbon is known throughout Europe and America for his amazing guitar performances that take Blues, Spanish, Middle Eastern, and Russian stylings into uncharted territories. Each year Bourbon plays more than 100 shows around the world, and this will be his fourth trip to the Wee Gig in the last six years.  Book your tickets early, and make sure you come chilled, for a truly unique evening of musical genius.

    • Claude's Bio.....

      Born in France in the early 60’s, Claude Bourbon grew up in Switzerland, where he was classically trained. This finger picking guitarist has performed and studied all over the world; he has crafted an unbelievable fusion of classical and jazz, with ethereal Eastern influences, Spanish and Latin elements with strains of Western folk. A formidable performer, with his roots in the blues but inspired by music and song from all around the world, he takes these sounds and weaves them into a performance of blues, rock, jazz, all delivered with a gravely voice.

      Claude’s inimitable style incorporates all five digits on each hand dancing independently but in unison, plucking, picking and strumming at such speed and precision that his fingers often seem to melt into a blur.

      Now based in the UK, some of this guitarists’ influences allow us a fascinating insight into this remarkable musician; Paco De Lucia: Deep Purple’s Richie Blackmore; Joaquin Rodrigo; JJ Cale, Monty Python; JS Bach and Fleetwood Mac’s Stevie Nicks….

      One reviewer even noted that although “Claude’s roots were in blues, that is like saying Leonardo da Vinci was a painter”. Intrigued?

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    • Claude Bourbon is a unique figure today… his playing is almost indescribable,

      The Hook, Charlottesville, USA

    • A breathtaking acoustic fusion of blues, jazz, folk, classical and Spanish guitar from a stunning guitar virtuoso…

      Altadena News, USA

    • Never heard anyone get that much beautiful sound out of a J-45

      Bob, Tucson, AZ

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