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    Rebecca Loebe is an Austin-based singer/songwriter who has spent the past decade on the road performing in the United States, Canada, Europe and Japan. Along the way she has honed her voice as one of the Americana music scene’s most exciting new songwriters and earned a place on Alternate Root Magazine’s annual listing of The Top 10 Female Singers in America.

    Since quitting her job as a full-time audio engineer and moving into her car to pursue a music career, Rebecca has received an armful of songwriting accolades, including the prestigious Kerrville New Folk award, as well as praise from the mainstream pop world (“I just love listening to you sing” - Adam Levine). In that time she has relocated from her original hometown Atlanta, GA, to Austin, TX where she now tries her best to keep a garden growing between tour dates.

    In 2018 she will be touring all around the world to celebrate the release of Blink, her fourth full length studio album which has been described by NPR’s Art of the Song as “Rebecca coming into full stride as a sleek, polished, rough-edged woman…The word seminal comes to mind.”

    Of the origin of the album, Loebe says “This record is inspired by mix tapes and the IRS.”

    She goes on to explain, "On my way home from a gig one night a song that I'd included on a bunch of mix takes in high school came on the radio and suddenly I was transported back in time to the summer I was 17…By the time I got home I had written Forever Young Forever and the rest of the songs started spilling out.”

    A few months later, she received a letter from the IRS informing her that she had been selected for an audit of her business. After consulting with an accountant she decided to defend herself and spent a month home from the road, working to organize her presentation for the hearing.

    “During that time,” Loebe explains, “I spent all day every day photo copying, highlighting, hole punching and watching cheesy videos on the IRS website. The only thing I would allow myself to do that wasn’t audit related was write songs. I figured that was a valid distraction because without songwriting there would be no business to audit. Honestly, it was one of the most productive periods I’ve ever had as a songwriter, so…Thanks IRS!”

    In case you’re wondering, Loebe represented herself in her audit hearing and there was no change in her taxable status.

    Once all the songs were written, Loebe reunited with longtime collaborator Will Robertson, who she describes as “an Atlanta-based producer, friend and all around musical badass.” The friends have worked together on half a dozen musical projects over the years; Loebe even worked as an engineer at Robertson’s Gallop Studios before she was able to make ends meet as a full-time musician. Blink is their first full-length studio collaboration since 2010’s Americana Top 40 Album Mystery Prize, which ended up on many year-end lists including the Americana Music Association’s Top 100 Albums of the Year.

    The core of Blink is the close knit, five piece indie rock band that Loebe and Robertson assembled for the project and recorded over a week at Church House Studios in Austin, TX. Of the sessions Loebe says, “We were very lucky that everyone who played on the album had at least one extremely close friend in the group. It meant that there was a lot of love, good energy and well intentioned peer pressure zinging around those sessions and I think you can hear all of that in the tracks.”

    Funded by over 600 loyal fans, Blink brings Loebe to a watershed moment in her career. “I know it’s normal to be excited about a new album,” she says, “But this truly feels like the most honest body of songs I’ve ever written and it’s the first time that I’ve managed to record them exactly how I hear them in my head.”