• Ivan Drever

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    Ivan Drever and his nine siblings grew up on Sanday, one of the islands of Orkney in Scotland, and from an early age after winning youth talent competitions at the age of twelve, it was clear that the young Ivan was going places in the music world. In 1974 he founded the group Knowe O’ Deil and at the same time started to build an impressive solo career. After moving away from Orkney to the Scottish mainland, in 1990 Ivan joined 90's celtic-rock group, Wolfstone, which gave him and his fellow musicians worldwide recognition.

    After leaving Wolfstone, Ivan pursued a flourishing solo career, releasing some 16+ albums, and at the same time continued to collaborate with fellow band members Duncan Chisholm, releasing the critically acclaimed album 'Lewis Blue', and Struan Eaglesham on the 1994 album 'Back to Back'. Ivan’s songs and tunes have been recorded by an impressive list of artists.